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COVID-19 Website Update

Home Training Programmes - Land Training 

Updated Home Training Programmes have been sent out via email. These are squad specific and suitable for the age/level of athlete in each squad. Many of the exercises they have completed already in land training sessions. These programmes will be periodically updated, approximately every 4 weeks. If you have any questions regarding the programme please contact –


Please Note: That any training sessions during this period are not directly supervised by a Morpeth ASC coach or official. Any completion of training at home is done so at an individual’s own risk. Morpeth ASC are not liable for any injuries which may occur. Please seek appropriate medical advice if you are unsure about the suitability of any of the specific exercises. This includes any links to recommended session from external bodies.

Swimmer/Parent Education Programme

During the COVID-19 pool closure we will be periodically sending out important information to swimmers and parents around ‘key subjects’ related swimming performance. These will be sent out via email. The subjects covered will be useful now but also when we return.

Useful Links

This page will be periodically updated with useful links from external bodies, for swimmers and parents during the COVID-19 pool closure.

Swimmers should follow the Home Training programme sent out via email but the below does include some suitable alternatives if swimmers want to ‘change things’. Note: Not all workouts are suitable for every squad. An updated list of suitable workouts for your squad will be attached to the Home Programme update.

During this time there is a lot of information being put out on various social media platforms. Below is a list of the most useful and relevant to our training programme. The list will be updated every 3-4 weeks, but links will be posted, sooner, as they become available on social media account and sent out via email to parents.

Videos from British Swimmers

Andy Jameson Message

View Andy Jameson Message



Swim England - Psychology & Coping with COVID-19

Processing the News

View Processing the News

Planning your Day

View Panning your Day


View Grounding

Process Goals

View Process Goals

Mental Health

View Mental Health

Self Talk

View Self Talk

Applying Psych Skills

View Applying Psych Skills

Avoid Cabin Fever

View Avoid Cabin Fever











Swim England – Nutrition

Nutrition to Maintain

View Nutrition to Maintain


View Pancakes




Swim England - Training

Physical Activity to Avoid Injury

View Physcal Activity to Avoid Injury

Strength & Conditioning 1

View Strength & Condioning 1

Strength & Conditioning 2

View Strength & Condioning 2





Swim England - Land Training & Injury Prevention

Scapular Stability

View Scapular Stability



Swim Ireland – Training

Shoulder Stability

View Shoulder Stability

Core Workout

View Core Workout

Stretch & Breathe

View Stretch & Breathe

Lower Body Workout

View Lower Body Workout

At Home Workout

View At Home Workout

Core & Trunk

View Core & Trunk

Upper Body

View Upper Body










Swim Ireland - Land Training & Injury Prevention

Whole Body Circuit

View Whole Body Circuit

Swim @ Home

View Swim @ Home

Simple Core

View Simple Core





YLM Sports Science – Training & Wellbeing Advice

Training During COVID-19

View Training During COVID-19

Sleeping Well During COVID-19

View Sleeping Well During COVID-19

Staying Motivated in Training During COVID-19

View Staying Motivated


View Resilience


View Staying Motivated







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