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Eating Well at Competitions

As parents you don't need to analyse your child's swimming, that is the job of the coaching team! One way you can really help and support them to perform well though is encouraging good eating and drinking habits at competitions. 

Swimming competitions are long days and a lot of young swimmers tend to overeat early on and then not eat or drink anywhere near enough towards the end of the day. 

Below are a few documents with snack ideas and information on when to eat at competitions (for example swimmers should be snacking and drinking straight after each race on their way to swim down). 

Our young swimmers don't need to be following any fancy nutrition plan just yet! Equally they don't need to be finishing off a family sized bag of chocolate buttons or Haribos before 9:15am or eating a large Pasta bowl 7 minutes before their 400 Free heat gets on the blocks. 

Please provide swimmers with all their snacks and drinks for each session at competitions. 

How much should an athlete drink?

View How much to drink

Cereal Bars

View Cereal Bars

Eating at Competitions

View Eating at Competitions

Travel Snack Ideas - Protein

View TravelSnackIdeas-Protein

Travel Snack Ideas - Carbohydrates

View TravelSnackIdeas-Carbohydrates






Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

MASC Trophy Winners

Calling all 2017 Morpeth ASC Club Championship trophy winners:

Please could you return your dusted and polished (if they are tarnished) cups to the pool, on a training night, by Friday 9th November.  As a reminder a list of trophy winners is View 2017 Trophy winners

Morpeth ASC Club Championships

The Morpeth ASC Annual Club Championships will take place on Friday 16th November 6:30-9:00pm and Saturday 17th November 3-6pm. This is an internal competition held at Morpeth pool for our members only. It is the only time through the year where all our squads (Minnows up to Performance) get together to compete. It is suitable for every swimmer in the club and we would love to see a big turn out this year and lots of the younger ones taking part. 

The events and age groups are: 

  • 9 YEARS & UNDER (25m all strokes)
  • 10/11 YEARS (50m all strokes)
  • 12/13 YEARS (50m butterfly, 100m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke)
  • 14/15 YEARS (100m all strokes)
  • 16 YEARS & OVER (100m all strokes)
  • OPEN (200m freestyle, 100m IM, 200m IM, 50m freestyle handicap)

IM events will determine the qualifiers for the Skins events (100m IM 12 & under, 200m IM 13 & over)

Entries can be made online

Entries close on 21st October. 

If you are unsure which strokes/events to enter your child for please ask a member of the coaching team. 

We plan to run the following events on the Friday evening of club championships: 

100 IM, 50m Free Handicap, 200 IM, All Butterfly events 

The rest of the events (including the Skins and semi final/finals of the Handicap race) will be held on the Saturday. 

Please note the programme of events may change depending on the number of entries we receive for each event. 

Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

Libby Freeman News

One of MASC swimmers : Libby Freeman was competing in the Swim England National County Team Championships yesterday (Sunday 07/10/2018) for the Northumberland & Durham team! Libby competed in the girls 12/13years 100m backstroke and 12/13 years 200m Medley Relay. Swimmers at this event compete as a team against other counties for points (Diddy League on a larger scale). 

Libby came away with two personal best times in her two swims.  She gained valuable experience travelling and staying over with the Northumberland and Durham team.  The Northumberland & Durham team came 8th overall.

N & D’s 2019

N&D's are the Northumberland and Durham Championships. N&D's the first 'Championships' that swimmers can qualify for, it is a County championships for all the best swimmers at clubs between Alnwick and Richmond (North Yorkshire).  Times must be achieved at a Level1,2,3 or 4 meet - this will be any external gala that Morpeth swimmers attend (apart for Diddy leagues). The championships take place in January/February 2019 and times must be achieved by 20th December (Youth and Senior) or 16th January (Age Group). All ages are - age as of 31st December 2019. 

Please note: achieving qualifying times is not the main focus for a lot of our younger swimmers, developing the correct techniques and skills takes priority to enable swimmers to achieve in the long term.

However swimmers in Performance are expected to achieve N&D qualifying times. Those in Junior Performance should also be aiming towards these times. 

N&D Championships 2019 - Age Group Swimmers: Please find here View Qualifying Times a copy of the 2019 Northumberland and Durham County qualifying times (N&D times) for swimmers aged 14 + Under (age 31st December 2019).

N&D Championships 2019 - Youth & Senior Swimmers: For 2019 the Youth and Senior Championships will be incorporated into the Burns Meet, Sheffield. There are no N&D qualifying times as such (with the exception of 800/1500 Free which will be swam with Age Group swimmers - Friday 8th February). The Burns gala will run as normal but the results will be used to determine N&D medals and points for swimmers in 15 Years age group and 16 +. There are no finals at the Burns Meet. Meet information -

Any questions about N&D's please speak to a member of the coaching team. 

There will also be a N&D Team Championships - 9th March 2019. Please keep this date free where possible. 

Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

Early Morning Training

New sessions: Just a reminder we start our new training times and squads from next (Monday 1st October). The new programme puts the club and our swimmers in a strong position to begin fulfilling their true potential.

Morning sessions: I have had confirmation from the pool that we will be able to get in the building no later than 5:50am so hopefully no standing in the cold over winter! 

Below is an article about how best to support your child with early morning training. While slightly earlier mornings is a change for Morpeth ASC it is the norm in all successful swimming clubs, it is part of any successful swimmers (and their parents) routine. Most clubs would love 6am starts! 

Breakfast: Also attached are some ideas for Breakfast to help set swimmers up for a good training session and day at school.

Morning Training Tips

View Morning Training Tips

New Breakfast Ideas

View Breakfast Ideas



FAO Nothumberland Hub 2018/2019

Morpeth ASC belongs to something called the Northumberland Hub as part of the regional swimming set up and Northumberland and Durham Performance programme.  Within this Hub are Alnwick, Ashington, Blyth, Morpeth and Tynedale.  Entry to the Hub is based upon a selection criteria decided by the Hub itself and once a swimmer reaches this criterion they are invited to attend. 

We are fortunate in our Hub of having smaller clubs and therefore our entry criteria is attainment of an “Northumberland & Durham (N &D) ” time in that year.  For some Hubs it is reaching the finals of the North East Regional Event! 

Morpeth ASC have more swimmers on the Northumberland Hub than any other Northumberland club, with over 20 swimmers already selected for the programme

The benefits of the Hub include access to the only 50m pool in our area, Sunderland. The chance to train with other swimmers at a similar level, experience different coaching styles, use the most up to date training equipment. This season we will hopefully get use of the underwater video system at Sunderland pool. 

The swimmers individually pay a small fee for the Hub session but the rest of the pool hire cost comes from Swim England so crucially none of the cost is met by Morpeth ASC fees.

Poolside you will see swimmers wearing Hub swim hats mainly in the Performance squad, the purpose of this note is just to explain what this is and that it is something that ALL our swimmers can aspire to and attend (subject to them reaching the selection criteria).

Swimmers from the Hub can progress through the Swim England system to a more select 'talent' camps where we were lucky enough to have three of our swimmers attend swim camps this year. The hub is also directly linked to the Northumberland and Durham Performance Programme for the county's top swimmers. Only 2 swimmers from Northumberland have been selected for this programme this season, 1 of these swimmers is in Morpeth ASC Performance squad. 

Our Morpeth ASC representatives on the Hub are David Tate and Terry Hewitt so if you have any questions please ask them. Becki will be taking the lead coach roles at these sessions this season as well. 

So if your child is new to the club and has an N&D for this year let us know or if your child achieves an N&D time through the year they gain automatic entry to Hub (subject to there being space) so please flag this up to us.”

David, Terry and Becki

Diddy League Final

Congratulations Morpeth ASC Junior League Team! Another fantastic performance finishing 2nd in our first ever Division 2 final!

We picked up three trophies: Runners Up, Top 11 years olds and Winners of the Cannon

Well done to everyone who took part in this years Junior League, heats and final. Looking forward to seeing what next years team can do.

Important Changes

I contacted you all recently to let you know that we had managed to secure our Head Coach Becki on a full-time basis. I am please now to be able to update you with the exciting developments we have been able to secure for the club and members. The full details can be found below in the ‘Morpeth ASA club Development’ document but in summary we now have:

·        A full time’ Head Coach

·        More Pool Time

·        Quality coaching delivered by a good mix of qualified coaches (paid and volunteer)

·        Ability to create space in lanes for swimmers due to a revised training timetable

·        A program that is better suited to support a wide range of abilities. 

To facilitate the changes, it has been necessary for us to look in detail at many aspects of the club including the fee structure.

The new training time table and fee structure will start from the 1st October 2018, the Head Coach will be sending out confirmation in the next few days to each member to advise which squad they will be in from 1st October.

We do appreciate that the new fees have gone up significantly. For some time now, the costs of providing the pool time and the coaching fees have not been covered by membership fees.  When we increased pool time on a Tuesday and Thursday morning and introduced land training on a Tuesday afternoon, the squad fees remained the same.

However, the leisure centre has recently imposed a significant increase in pool costs (the first time for many years) so at the same time as increasing hours and coaching costs these can no longer be funded from club savings and it is only right this must be passed on to members who are benefitting from these changes. Even with this increase the club is still subsidising a part of the costs and certainly there is no intention to make any ‘profit’. A lot of time and effort has gone into working out a fee structure that is fair, transparent and still offers excellent value when compared with other clubs.

Please take some time to read and absorb the 4 documents attached:

New Timetable

View New Tiimetable

Squad Criteria

View Squad Criteria

MASC Development Document

View Club Development Document

New Fees

View New Fees





Once we have launched the new program the Head Coach will be arranging squad meeting where every member and parent/carer will be asked to attend. It is anticipated that these will be held in October and November.

 I hope you are as excited as the Committee and Coaching Staff are about these new changes, it is a significant step for the club and we look forward to seeing our members achieve their true potential.

Simon Watson (Chair - MASC Email MASC Chair)

Morpeth ASC Competitions 2018/2019 Season

The most up to date competition calendar for the 2018/2019 season is now available on our Galas page.

Please take the time to read and note competition dates for your child's squad. 

The main updates are:

Chester Le Street - will be for JP & P and we will be entering the 'full weekend'. However swimmers who have a full programme at NERs will not enter the full weekend. 

Morpeth Club Championships 16th & 17th November  - This is for ALL swimmers and our annual club championships! A great opportunity for the whole club to get together. 

Alnwick Meet - 25th November. Will include distance events and 8 year olds can compete at this one! 

Sunderland New Year - removed due to pool being most likely closed by January. 

Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

NER Short course qualifying times for November

NER Short course qualifying times for November can be found here

You might need to do some ‘converting’

Conversions from long course to short course are allowed.

IMPORTANT - SAFETY during sessions

Just a quick note to advise ALL swimmers should not be wearing jewellery during sessions. Swimmers should also remove watches and Fitbit type products. 

The lanes are narrow and with sometimes 8-10 swimmers per lane during club sessions an accident could easily happen.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Becki Head Coach Email Head Coach

Head Coach Report - June 2018

Please find Below a report I hope to send out each month highlighting some of the key achievements of our swimmers and any important changes within the club. A copy can also be found on the club notice board.

June 2018

View Head Coach Report June 2018


Many Thanks,
Becki Head Coach
Email Head Coach

Click here for all reports.

Kit Bags at the Pool

Please see below message from Kay who has with others worked hard to tidy up the Kit bag area over half term.

"I have marked up the kit bag pegs into squads please use the correct peg when returning your kit. Please do not return your kit if it is not marked up with your name in all equipment

I will be carrying out periodic checks on the kit and any on the wrong pegs or not named will be returned to cupboard and you will not be allowed to use the facility and will need to take your kit bag home after each session

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions"

Thanks Kay Howe

Important Information - Drinks at Training

A quick reminder that all swimmers should be bringing a Water Bottle to ALL training sessions. Concern has been raised about the number of children turning up to training working hard sometimes for over a hour without a drink! Swimmers should attend with at least 750ml to 1L of fluid (water or dilute juice) for each hour of training. Swimmers in Performance and Junior Performance may need two bottles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Swimmers who attend training without a sufficient amount to drink will not be allowed to swim.

British Swimming Competition Pathway Handbook

It is an exciting time for swimming in Britain. The Domestic Competition Structure is changing. This brochure will outline the changes, and explain how these aim to contribute to the development of swimmers in the sport going forward.

Read the Handbook

View BS Competition Pathway Handbook


News Summary

MASC Privacy Notice

The policy now exists for the Club, there is nothing further you need to do. The full policy can be found here

Annual Membership Renewals 2018

For full details regarding renewals please read

Gala Entry Payments for Competitive Swimmers

The Morpeth ASC committee has decided to change the way parents are asked to pay for their swimmer’s Gala entry and to use a system of payment at the time of entry, which is common for most clubs. Read more

New MASC Twitter Account

Please follow our new twitter account @morpeth_asc for important announcements, training changes, gala results etc. 

Important Information for Inhaler Users

Can parents please ensure that if their child has an inhaler that it is brought onto poolside, that it is named and in a sealable clear bag so it stays dry.

Squad Session Equipment Requirements

Please read here for what you need to bring to each session.

NESS Swimwear

NESS Swimwear have given club members the opportunity to receive a 5% discount when ordering, use the discount count morpasc20 in the shopping basket. At the same time the club will also receive funds from NESS.

Click on the NESS logo to go to their website.

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